Al-Naka Tech Company provides Al-Naqaa ADSL service at speeds up to 6 Mbps with high quality and competitive prices


Wi-Fi technology uses the wireless field to connect to the Internet. This technology gives you the ability to use the Internet at high speeds.

ATC Hotspot

Al-Naka Tech Company provides hotspot services, which is a high-speed Wi-Fi service available in public locations and places such as universities, cafes and airports.

24/7 Online support

We serve our customers around the clock, providing all solutions to them

 ATC Web design

Al-Naka Tech Company provides website design and reservation service with the latest modern technologies. We also offer mobile application design service at competitive prices

ATC Leased Line

Al-Naka Tech Company creates the ideal solution for companies that need internet connection around the clock with full digital lines capacity at high speeds. This service is designed to meet the needs of companies, ministries, and banks that rely heavily on the global Internet. The leased line service is the most efficient and time saving method.

 ATC Telecom

Al-Naka Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of dismantling and installing communication stations responsible for operating the communications network of Al-Madar and Libyana Company, as the company is one of the companies equipped to receive subcontracts in this field and can receive the work of such stations from planning to operation.

 ATC Training

We at Al-Naka Company for training and consulting are a leading institution working in the field of training and developing human resources and providing consulting services with the highest standards of quality and excellence to keep up with the changing needs of companies, institutions and individuals. Al-Naqaa provides training services in various fields such as management, leadership, self-development, financial, information systems, sales, marketing, quality, procurement, public relations, health & Safety, environment, energy, law, insurance, banking, transportation, community development programs, education, maintenance and operation.

Our responsibility

Al-Naka Company bears the responsibility of finding new ways and wide options that simulate the latest technologies and advanced technology means in the world, and to provide services with high-quality content that supports the transformation of knowledge and the localization of information technology among members of society, in addition, the company through providing data solutions and internet services seeks to achieve a qualitative leap in the users lives.


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  • Tel. :  (+218) 71 412 6666 – 71 263 4976
  • Libya – Sabha, Al-Jadid